Canadian Mortgage Rates
September 17th 2019
1 year Fixed 2.69%*
2 year Fixed 2.69%*
3 year Fixed 2.69%*
4 year Fixed 2.69%*
5 year Fixed 2.69%*
5 year Variable 2.85%*
Home Equity Line 4.45%*
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Please note the ASTERISK beside each of these interest rates. The majority of Deeply Discounted Online Mortgage Rates (including this site) have one or more of the following restrictions:

Fully Closed Mortgage.
Minimum Mortgage threshold.
“Must close by certain date” offers.
Rates only offered in certain areas.
High Prepayment Penalties.
Low Prepayment Privileges.
Registered as Collateral Charge.
High Ratio Only.
Plus more.

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Chantal Parisien
Chantal Parisien
10:22 19 Oct 16
A little history on me....7 years ago I went through a divorce, and my credit was ruined. I never thought I would ever be able to get a mortgage again. I was told about Ryan Kirwan at HQ Mortgages, and I gave him a call. He coached me through building my credit, and was always available when I had questions, and because of his hard work my dreams of being a home owner is here. I never felt like just a number....I felt cared for and appreciated as a valuable customer. Thank you so much Ryan!
Julie-Anne Forest
Julie-Anne Forest
12:27 29 Apr 16
My husband and I have dealt with Ryan for the second time and each experience was flawless. He's always looking out for our best interest and that goes a long way. I would recommend him anytime. 🙂 Thanks Ryan!!!
Stephanie Letang
Stephanie Letang
03:39 07 Apr 16
Ryan has been such great help to me and my husband!! We really appreciate all he's done for us. Thanks Ryan
Laker Steel Systems
Laker Steel Systems
15:23 06 Apr 16
our company has been dealing with Ryan Kirwan Principal Broker of HQ Mortgages Inc. for the past year. We found Ryan to be honest and trustworthy. His knowledge of real estate is outstanding. Frank LaCrosse Laker Steel Systems
ronda loiselle
ronda loiselle
19:52 05 May 16
Ryan was nothing short of superb! He was efficient, professional and extremely easy to work with.
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