3 Step Process

We believe everyone should go through these 3 steps when arranging a mortgage.STEP #1: Set Your Mortgage Goals

  • Do you PLAN on paying off your mortgage early?
  • Do you NEED to consolidate debt to reduce monthly payments?
  • Do you NEED money for education, investments or renovations?
  • Are you PLANNING A MOVE within the next 5 years?
  • Are you PLANNING A CAREER MOVE within the next 5 years?
  • Are you PLANNING or EXPANDING A FAMILY or business within the next 5 years?

STEP #2: Determine Your Mortgage Risks

  • Interest Rate: Fixed, Adjustable, Variable or Capped Variable
  • Term: Open, Closed, Convertible , Short or Long
  • Down Payment: 35%, 20%, 10%, 5% or Zero down
  • Mortgage Type: No Frills, Re-Advanceables, Open HELOC or Hybrid
  • Insurance:Do you NEED Life, Disability or Critical Illness insurance to pay mortgage?
  • How much can you really afford?

STEP #3: Select a Mortgage Lender

  • List ALL the mortgage products that suit your GOALS and RISKS.
  • Select the mortgage lender with the best rate.
Canadian Mortgage Rates
December 4th 2022
1 year Fixed 5.69%*
2 year Fixed 5.64%*
3 year Fixed 5.54%*
4 year Fixed 5.44%*
5 year Fixed 5.14%*
5 year Variable 5.05%*
Home Equity Line 6.45%*
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