Canadian Mortgage Rates
October 27th 2016
1 year Fixed 2.29%*
2 year Fixed 2.19%*
3 year Fixed 2.29%*
4 year Fixed 2.54%*
5 year Fixed 2.39%*
5 year Variable 2.15%*
Home Equity Line 2.95%*
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Please note the ASTERISK beside each of these interest rates. The majority of Deeply Discounted Online Mortgage Rates (including this site) have one or more of the following restrictions:

Fully Closed Mortgage.
Minimum Mortgage threshold.
“Must close by certain date” offers.
Rates only offered in certain areas.
High Prepayment Penalties.
Low Prepayment Privileges.
Registered as Collateral Charge.
High Ratio Only.
Plus more.

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